Released: 2023/01/16

This release focuses on the final big “feature delta” we had versus other complete servers, and includes a lot of the missing community features that we needed for an initial open launch of takahe.social.

If you’re curious on the reasons not to use Takahē yet, see what’s left to implement on our Features page, and our federation and client compatibility list on our Interoperability page.

Major features:

  • Blocking and Muting

    • Timed mutes are supported but only via client apps for now

  • Further Mastodon Client API support

    • Announcements, profile editing, viewing followers, and some more bugfixes

  • Emoji admin page

  • Server announcements system

  • Notifications to admins when new identities are created

  • Emails to moderators when a new report comes in

  • Shared inbox delivery to remote servers

Other fixes and improvements include:

  • Lightbox for viewing images (rather than a full redirect!)

  • Content Warnings of the same type will now all expand together

  • Client compatibility improvements (especially for Elk, Ivory and Tusky)

  • Preliminary light theme for the interface

  • Remote server software tracking and down detection

  • HTML formatted emails along with plain text versions

  • Better display of videos on remote posts (no local upload yet)

  • Unfollowing users clears them from your timeline (as does blocking)

  • RSS feeds now support multiple images on a single post

  • Timeline rendering performance improvements

  • Federation compatibility improvements

  • Automatic trimming of old FanOut, InboxMessage, and other data

If you’d like to help with code, design, policy or other areas, see Contributing to see how to get in touch.

You can download images from Docker Hub, or use the image name jointakahe/takahe:0.7.

Upgrade Notes#


There are new database migrations; they are backwards-compatible, so please apply them before restarting your webservers and stator processes.

Snowflake IDs and Ordering#

As of this release, we have moved Post, Identity, Follow, and several other objects to have “snowflake IDs” - ones that include the timestamp as part of the ID, such as 137587476347213336. These IDs also have implicit ordering as a result.

We’ve also changed all timelines to be ordered by when the post was received rather than initially created; if another server takes a while to send Takahē the post, it will now appear at the top of the timeline when it arrives. The date on a post will be its original publish date, so if other servers are a bit slow you may see the timestamps not be entirely in order. This is fine, and also the way Mastodon behaves.

You should not notice any major side-effects apart from longer IDs in URLs. After the inital upgrade, you may notice a couple of old posts at the top of the Home timeline; this is due to a switch in handling, and is a one-time bug that will go away as more posts come in and build the timeline further.