0.10.0 Released: 2023/11/12

0.10.1 Released: 2023/11/13

This release is a polish release that mostly focuses on performance, stability and federation compatibility.

This release’s major changes:

  • Stator, the background task system, has been significantly reworked to require smaller indexes, spend less time scheduling, and has had most of its async nature removed, as this both reduces deadlocks and improves performance in most situations (the context switching was costing more than the gains from talking to other servers asynchronously).

Minor changes also include:

  • Followers-only mode now works correctly inbound and outbound (though outbound may need the other server to refresh the profile first).

  • Profile pages are no longer shown for remote identities; instead, users are linked or redirected directly to the remote profile page.

  • Inbound migration has been implemented, but is disabled by default as outbound migration is not yet complete, and we don’t want to release a system that captures users with no outward path. If you really want to enable it, set TAKAHE_ALLOW_USER_MIGRATION=true in your environment.

  • Federation compatibility has been improved with several other servers.

  • Blocked domains now receive absolutely zero fetches from Takahē; previously, they were still pinged occasionally to see if they were online.

  • SMTP servers that don’t require authentication are now supported.

  • Python 3.11 is now the minimum version required; this will not affect you at all if you run Takahē via our docker image, as is recommended.

An automatic remote post pruning system, to shrink the database of old data that was no longer needed, was in the development version but has been switched to a set of manual commands as of 0.10.1 - you can read more below or in Tuning.

If you’d like to help with code, design, or other areas, see Contributing to see how to get in touch.

You can download images from Docker Hub, or use the image name jointakahe/takahe:0.10.


Released: 2023/11/13

This is a bugfix and small feature addition release:

  • The runstator command now logs its output to the terminal again

  • Two new commands, pruneposts and pruneidentities are added, to enable pruning (deletion of old content) of Posts and Identities respectively. You can read more about them in Tuning.

  • Stator’s default concurrency levels have been significantly reduced as it’s now way more efficient at using individual database connections, but as a result it places way more load on them. You can read more about tuning this in Tuning.

Upgrade Notes#


There are new database migrations; they are backwards-compatible, but contain very significant index changes to all of the main tables that may cause the PostgreSQL deadlock detector to trigger if you attempt to apply them while your site is live.

We recommend:

  • Temporarily stopping all instances of the webserver and Stator

  • Applying the migration (should be less than a few minutes on most installs)

  • Restarting the instances of webserver and Stator


Stator’s new internal architecture allocates a worker thread and a database connection up to its concurrency value; this means it is a _lot_ more efficient for a given “concurrency” number than the old system and also uses a lot more database connections. We recommend you reduce your configuration values for these by 5-10x; if you didn’t set them manually, then don’t worry, we’ve reduced the default values by a similar amount.