Released: 2022/12/04

This release brings Takahē to an almost full implementation of the underlying ActivityPub protocol, with only custom emoji and manual follower approval as high-level features we are yet to implement.

Our goal now is to reach an initial “island of stability”, where we ensure good test coverage and compatibility testing with a suite of other ActivityPub servers before we continue down adding main features (though there’s still plenty of smaller features we’ll add).

This release includes:

  • Image uploading for posts, with image descriptions

  • Hashtag parsing, search and timeline pages

  • RSS feeds for users’ public posts

  • Collapsing of related notifications into one

  • Automatic refetching and cleaning for Identities (profiles) and internal message buffers

  • Mastodon now understands Takahē profile and post URLs in its search box

  • Fixes to search, activitypub parsing, upload naming, email and media settings

We’re also aiming at two other big things for our next release apart from “stability”:

  • Moderation queues and flagging

  • Initial Client App API (Mastodon-compatible)

The goal will be for our next release to be the first one we can recommend that a small community can be run on. This is a relatively high bar for us, and while we will still have a lot of work to do afterwards (especially around accessibility and internationalisation), it’s a milestone we’re excited to reach.

You can download images from Docker Hub, or use the image name jointakahe/takahe:0.5.

Upgrade Notes#


There are new database migrations - they are backwards-compatible, so apply the migrations before you update your webserver and stator deployments.