Takahē is currently in development, so it does not yet have all the features of a full ActivityPub server.

Currently, it supports:

  • A web UI (which can be installed as a PWA as well)

  • Mastodon-compatible client applications (beta support)

  • Posts with content warnings and visibilities including a local-only option

  • Editing post content

  • Viewing images, videos and other post attachments

  • Uploading images and attaching image captions

  • Replies, loading reply threads, boosts and likes

  • Following, blocking, muting, and disabling boosts from specific users

  • Mentioned, liked, boosted and followed notifications

  • Following and unfollowing, and you-were-followed notifications

  • Home, local, federated, user, and hashtag timelines

  • Full profile pages with images, metadata and links

  • RSS feeds for users’ public posts

  • Custom emoji support

  • Searching for users, hashtags and posts by URL

  • Multiple domain support

  • Multiple identity support (per user account)

  • Moderation report system and queue

  • Server announcements system

  • Server defederation (blocking)

  • Signup flow, including auto-cap by user numbers and invite system

  • Password reset via email

Features planned for releases up to 1.0:

  • Video upload support

  • Hashtag explore page/API

  • Handling received polls and voting on them

  • Manual approval of followers

  • IP and email domain banning

  • Two-factor authentication (TOTP and WebAuthn)

  • Metadata verification support

Features that may make it into 1.0, or might be further out:

  • Creating polls on posts

  • Filters

  • Bookmarks

  • Lists

  • Scheduling posts

  • Mastodon-compatible account migration target/source

  • Relay support

Features on the long-term roadmap:

  • “Since you were gone” optional algorithmic timeline

  • Seamless transfer from a Mastodon installation