Released: 2022/11/24

This is the initial release of Takahē. It functions, but has limited features:

  • Web UI only (but can be installed as a PWA)

  • Creating posts, with CWs/summaries and visibility

  • Receiving posts, with CWs/summaries, visibility, images

  • Receiving post edits and deletions

  • Creating and receiving boosts

  • Creating and receiving likes

  • Delivering mentions to those mentioned, and notifications for incoming mentions

  • Following and unfollowing

  • Receiving follows and unfollows

  • A home timeline, a local timeline, and a federated timeline

  • Profile pages with bios, icons, and header images

  • Searching for users by exact handle

  • Multiple domain support

  • Multiple identity (per user account support)

  • Signup flow

  • Password reset flow