Released: 2022/11/27

This release brings a whole set of new features during this alpha phase of the project:

  • Post editing

  • Post deletion

  • View replies under posts

  • Ability to post replies

  • Local-Only visibility for posts

  • Discoverability toggle for identities

  • Server defederation (blocking)

  • Revamped settings system with better validation

  • ARM64 Docker images (in addition to x64)

In addition, bugfixes have been made to post creation, search, fanout, and more.

You can download images from Docker Hub, or use the image name jointakahe/takahe:0.4.

Upgrade Notes#


The settings system has changed, and affected some of our environment variable names.

  • PGHOST, PGUSER and similar are still supported, but a new TAKAHE_DATABASE_SERVER env var is now the recommended way to configure - it takes a URI/DSN.

  • TAKAHE_EMAIL_HOST and TAKAHE_SENDGRID_API_KEY have been removed, and replaced with TAKAHE_EMAIL_SERVER, that takes smtp:// or sendgrid:// URIs.

  • TAKAHE_MEDIA_BACKEND now expects a URI starting with s3:// or gcs://.

You can see updated instructions of how to set all of these in Installation.


There is one new database migration - it is backwards-compatible, so apply the migration before you update your webserver and stator deployments.


If you have low traffic, you may now run Stator via periodic fetch of a URL rather than a continuous background process. See Installation for more.