Released: 2024-02-05

This is largely a bugfix and catch up release.

Some highlights:

  • Python 3.10 has been dropped. The new minimum Python version is 3.11

  • Jamie (@astraluma@tacobelllabs.net) has officially joined the project

  • If your S3 does not use TLS, you must use s3-insecure in your configuration

  • Takahē now supports unicode hashtags

  • Add a Maximum Media Attachments setting

  • Inverted the pruning command exit codes

  • Posts are no longer required to have text content

And some interoperability bugs:

  • Fixed a bug with GoToSocial

  • Attempted to fix follows from Misskey family

  • Correctly handle when a federated report doesn’t have content

In additions, there’s many bugfixes and minor changes, including:

  • Several JSON handling improvements

  • Post pruning now has a random element to it

  • More specific loggers

  • Don’t make local identities stale

  • Don’t try to unmute when there’s no expiration

  • Don’t try to WebFinger local users

  • Synchronize follow accepting and profile fetching

  • Perform some basic domain validity

  • Correctly reject more operations when the identity is deleted

  • Post edit fanouts for likers/boosters