Released: 2024-02-05

This is largely a bugfix and catch up release.

Some highlights:

  • Python 3.10 has been dropped. The new minimum Python version is 3.11

  • Jamie (@astraluma@tacobelllabs.net) has officially joined the project

  • If your S3 does not use TLS, you must use s3-insecure in your configuration

  • Takahē now supports unicode hashtags

  • Add a Maximum Media Attachments setting

  • Inverted the pruning command exit codes

  • Posts are no longer required to have text content

And some interoperability bugs:

  • Fixed a bug with GoToSocial

  • Attempted to fix follows from Misskey family

  • Correctly handle when a federated report doesn’t have content

In additions, there’s many bugfixes and minor changes, including:

  • Several JSON handling improvements

  • Post pruning now has a random element to it

  • More specific loggers

  • Don’t make local identities stale

  • Don’t try to unmute when there’s no expiration

  • Don’t try to WebFinger local users

  • Synchronize follow accepting and profile fetching

  • Perform some basic domain validity

  • Correctly reject more operations when the identity is deleted

  • Post edit fanouts for likers/boosters

If you’d like to help with code, design, or other areas, see Contributing to see how to get in touch.

You can download images from Docker Hub, or use the image name jointakahe/takahe:0.11.

Upgrade Notes#


There are new database migrations; they are backwards-compatible and should not present any major database load.